In 2020 alone, about $4 billion USD in crypto currency was stolen or lost .

This is where we come in. “The Money Project” by OkGlobal Coin SWITCH-MYID.

This documentary would show the process of what our company does and the problems we are trying to solve. Its primary goal is to safekeep your money from thefts or loss.

So by watching, you’d follow the growth of us. From setting up a HQ right here in the central business district of Singapore, to our future international service centres all around the world.

There’s no script, no lies, just the truth and transparency. So you’d be able to follow us through the ups and downs. To paint a realistic picture on what a legitimate cryptocurrency company is like.

From our daily tasks, to the meat and potatoes of our project. All the questions and queries will be answered in due time.

We are on our way to the moon,

So watch us and we will take you there,

Just one block at a time.


[New Release!!!] [PROJECT UPDATE] 2nd International Service Center in the USA

[PROJECT UPDATE] The Money Project - Second International Service Center

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