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Phase 1: November 15th, 2019 - Feb 15th, 2020

1 USDC = 500 OKGS
Purchase OKGS

Steps To Buy Tokens

  1. Install Metamask and follow their instructions to login to your Metamask Wallet
  2. If you haven't done so already, please complete the KYC and whitelisting process

    After passing KYC/AML screening, please wait until you recieve email confirmation of your addition to the whitelist of our securities offering. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PURCHASE TOKENS PRIOR TO BEING WHITELISTED. After recieving email confirmation from us(within 24 to 36 hours), you can proceed to step 3.
  3. Refresh the current Token Sale page on your browser and Metamask will prompt you to connect with the OKG Token Sale Offering
  4. Setup Metamask to accept USDC tokens:
    Click on Menu -> Add Token

    Search for and select USDC -> Click Next -> Click Add Tokens
  5. Your Metamask wallet can now receive USDC tokens from your Coinbase account (or any other wallet which contains your USDC).

    Copy the address of the Metamask address and send the USDC to this address (eg - using Coinbase app) -
  6. Send USDC tokens, that you want to use for the purchase, to your Metamask wallet. Also make sure your metamask wallet contains a small amount of ETH to cover for the gas fees.
  7. Setup Metamask to accept OKGS tokens. This is similar to step (4) above but you will have to add some details as shown below:

    Click on Menu -> Add Token

    Click Custom Token

    Copy and Paste this address in the Token Contract Address: 0x6ef22f295ed32435123394398c6fdb9aadd98973

    The other details would get populated by itself.
    Click Next -> Add Tokens

    You are now ready to participate in the sale
  8. Enter the amount of USDC you'd like to spend for the Sale and click Buy
    Metamask will prompt you to confirm the transaction -> Click confirm
  9. Wait a few seconds for the transaction to confirm. Once it does, Metamask will prompt you once more to confirm a new transaction. Click confirm
  10. Once the transaction gets confirmed, you will receive OKGS tokens in your wallet. OKGS tokens are ERC20 tokens and hence can be moved to any wallet which is capable to accept ERC20 tokens.
Whitelist Address

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